Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The power of commitments

This week was great, we met with and taught a lot of new investigators this week. We taught them the message of the Restoration with the Spirit and boldly invited them to be baptized. This week we helped 3 people make the commitment to be baptized and set a goal with them. We don't have to be scared or nervous to give investigators the commitment to be baptized, especially when it is the first time meeting with them. Baptism is what missionaries want to help the investigator accomplish. We should often speak about it and put it into the investigator's mind. If we never invited them to act or make commitments, they won't be able to repent and come unto God. I have gotten a lot better at helping my investigator make commitments and that has blessed my mission. We brought a new member named Rilly along with us to help us teach. His added testimony was essential in the lesson and make the meeting so much better. Members make all the different in lessons! Lately it is easier to get my investigators to make the baptismal commitment than to get them to come to church. Satan just makes it soooo hard for investigators to come to church, it is tough.
A few days ago the power went out on the whole north half of the Island. It went out in the afternoon and didn't turn back on until about midnight. That was a fun experience. People where using candles to light up their houses and restaurants. The power often goes out in Manado so a lot of people have generators. Our water does not work if we don't have any power and when we got home there was only a little water left in our tub, so we took really short showers and I ended up trying to sleep in the cold floor because the A/C can't turn on. But then the power came back and we quickly turned on the A/C and were able to sleep. A fun experience. I heard that before I got here the power once went off for 3 days, that was probably not to fun haha. Electricity is a blessing. Well I hope everyone has a great week!
The Church building in Manado
- Elder Hymas

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