Monday, June 6, 2016

Manado is not the place to diet.


This week was a pretty good one. Elder Setijawan and I worked hard like usual. We have had a lot of our appointments flake out on us this week. Yeah that is a normal part of missionary life but this week we had a lot of investigators flake out on us for some reason. And then when we try to call them they never answer their phone or anything. It probably happened like 6 times this week, toward the end of the week we were pretty annoyed but ya such is life. It is tough going somewhere to meet someone and then they never come and you wait and they still never come and you call them and their phone is inactive and then you are confused haha. Well It has tested my patience and love but I think that I am a better person because of it. Hopefully this week we shall be able to meet with more of them because I really really want to help them and teach them about this wonderful gospel and it hurts when they don't meet with us.

We went to a member appointment a few days ago and they gave us a lot of food, like usual. I told them I was trying to eat less and watch my weight and then the member said to me that he wants to make a plaque that says "Manado is not the place to diet" haha it is true because the food is so good and the members always give us so much when we go to their house. So yeah I ended up eating a lot of rice and fish at that member's house. Hopefully I can fit in my new suit when I go home.

We are in the processes of moving church buildings. So there is no doors, sounds system and other decorations at the church right now as they are moving it all to the new place. Pretty excited because the new place is bigger because the Manado Branch is getting bigger.

So we meet this guy from Papua the other day and he came to church yesterday with his friend. They were cool and want to learn more. People from Papua are pretty different from other Indonesians but they are all nice and Christian. There are a lot of Papua people here for college.

Have a great week!
-Elder Hymas-
A big fly

How indonesians fill up their motorbikes with gas

waiting in the bathroom...

Mountain in the distance



Indonesian Baby

The Papuans and I

2 other investigators and I

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