Monday, June 13, 2016

Pantai Pal

Today we went to a beach called Pantai Pal, it was a super awesome beach we had it pretty much all to ourselves. The water was so clear and blue, and the sand was soft and white. There are not many beaches like that in Colorado that is for sure! I haven't eaten yet today though and it is 4:20 PM here, so I am pretty hungry and will most likely eat something after we email. Earlier this week we met with some investigators and members. We didn't get blown off as much this week as we did last week so that's good.
We had a referral a few days ago and they lived in Amurang, which is pretty far from Manado. It is a good hour and a half car ride to get there but we met with the referral there and it is a family. They liked our message and want to read the Book of Mormon. The only problem for them might be to get to church in the morning because they life pretty far from the church. Hopefully this obstacle won't be to tough from them to overcome.
We also met with another investigator again who also lives far away from Manado in a small village in the jungle called Lolah. He is super super smart and we had a great lesson with him. We watched the short Restoration video and then taught the Plan of Salvation. We ended up talking about some pretty deep doctrine as well because he is so smart and asks good questions. His challege will be to come to church in Manado in the mornings as well.
I am working on talking to more people on the road as I go along. I am not the best at talking to strangers, but I know the Lord will be with me and support me. Have a great week!
-Elder Hymas

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