Monday, April 25, 2016

2 more baptisms, The Sickness, My last week in Jakarta

Hello all. This week was a bit of a tough one because 3 out of the 5 people in our house got pretty sick, and yes one of them was me. Usually we only have 4 Elders in the house but Elder Siahaan from Bogor is going home tomorrow and spent the week in our house in Jakarta before he went home. First Elder Hansen got really sick and my companion Elder Fowler stayed home to take care of him. Then the next day I got pretty sick with a fever and a sore throat. I even lost my voice pretty bad too, I sounded like a 90 year old chain smoker. And then shortly after I got sick my companion Elder Fowler got sick too, so we spent quite a bit of time resting up and trying to get better. It wasn't very fun at all but I am feeling good again now! So because of that sickness that went around not much got done this week. We still met with one of our investigators from Iran, he was awesome and I am sad to leave them but I am sure they will progress without me. We also got 2 more baptisms in the Jakarta 2 ward yesterday! Sister Lusiana and Sister Liliana got baptized! They were a referral from a member in the English ward and the sisters did a great job teaching them.
So yes this is my last week in Jakarta, tomorrow I will be moving to Manado to finish off my mission there. I am excited but it is actually kind of scary now because my mission is really coming to a close and it doesn't feel like it should be and it is weird. I am going to do my best though! Some members were pretty sad for my last Sunday in Jakarta, I even got some gifts. It is always sad leaving an area. I grow to love the people there so much and then just leave them. It is though but that is how it goes. I am still happier than ever to serve where ever the Lord desires. Saya akan melayani di mana pun Tuhan inginkan! Today for P-day I am just dropping some stuff off at the mission office before I move, we pick up the new Jakarta DL, and then I will pack and we have an appointment later tonight. Mother's day is in like 2 weeks right? I am excited for that Skype call!

-Elder Hymas-

Monday, April 18, 2016

I am transferring again, I have money problems.

Hello all,
This week has been pretty good, I had a really good interview with President Donald and he told me that I will be moving one last time to Manado! Manado is the area everyone in the mission wants to go but only a select few get to go there. It is on a whole different island. Going from Jakarta to Manado is like transferring from Denver, Colorado to Georgia haha pretty far. I am pretty pumped for Manado, the church there is literally right in front of a beautiful beach and all of the people there are Christian. I am going to be companions with Elder Setijawan again, I was companions with him before when I was in Magelang.

Oh and I lost my wallet a while ago so I have no debit cards what so ever. So now I have no money and no ways to get money. Hopefully I make it!

I picked up my suit a few days ago and it was pretty awesome, it has cool batik inside.

Okay well I got to go to Taman Mini for P-day today. Have a great week!

Elder Hymas

Monday, April 11, 2016

Wallet got stolen, but Conference was great!

Hello all,
This week was.... alright. Elder Fowler and I have been riding the buses around and going places trying to talk and teach people, I am getting a little bored of riding the buses all around though, I gotta find something new to do. We were riding the train on the way home and it was super packed in the train, like we can't even move around on the train. Well when I got off the train I check my pockets and my wallet was gone :( Someone must have stolen it while I was on the train. It is a common problem here. Well now I don't have my mission debit card or my personal debit card anymore haha. I called the person in charge of money and he said he was going to transfer my money to my companions account, so 2 days later we need to take out my money and Elder Fowler couldn't find his card. So now we both don't have our mission debit cards! So these past couple of days we have been spending very little money. I have been living off of like $3 the past couple of days. Hopefully today we get some money. But on a brighter note General Conference was awesome! I watched it in English yesterday and I was happy. We have a refugee family from Iran who are our investigators. We met with them and had a great lesson about Joseph Smith and watched the short movie. We were trying to get them a Book of Mormon in Persian but it was hard. Apparently it was out of stock online and would take a long time to get one. And then one of the members decided to look in his book self and found a Book of Mormon in Persian! He doesn't know how or why he got one but he was willing to give it to us. So that was a cool miracle, I know that the Lord looks out for us and provides. I hope everyone has a great week!

-Elder Hymas-

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hospital Trip again, and Handel's Messiah

Hello all! There wasn't too much that happened this week. I had to take Elder Arthur to the Hospital because he sprained his ankle, they were afraid he broke it so they got an X-ray done. But he didn't brake it, he only sprained it.

We also had a some public affair events this week. On Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday night we watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing Handel's Messiah at the church. We invited a bunch of people to it and made it a nice event for people to come and watch. We had a good amount of people there each day and I really enjoyed watching a bit of the performance. Man those people can sing!

 Our Investigator and his family from Iran came to church on Sunday and had a really good time, he also brought a friend to church with him too from Iran. We found some pamphlets about Joseph Smith and an old Gospel Principles book in Persian at the church to share with them so that was a miracle!

I am also having a little ingrown toenail issue again so I am wearing sandals for the time being and trying to take care of it. I might end up having to take the toenail out again just to get rid of it. It isn't that bad right now but I don't want it to get bad.

Love ya! Have a great week!
Some toys I found at the mall

The view from the Hospital

The MOTAB Messiah even