Monday, April 18, 2016

I am transferring again, I have money problems.

Hello all,
This week has been pretty good, I had a really good interview with President Donald and he told me that I will be moving one last time to Manado! Manado is the area everyone in the mission wants to go but only a select few get to go there. It is on a whole different island. Going from Jakarta to Manado is like transferring from Denver, Colorado to Georgia haha pretty far. I am pretty pumped for Manado, the church there is literally right in front of a beautiful beach and all of the people there are Christian. I am going to be companions with Elder Setijawan again, I was companions with him before when I was in Magelang.

Oh and I lost my wallet a while ago so I have no debit cards what so ever. So now I have no money and no ways to get money. Hopefully I make it!

I picked up my suit a few days ago and it was pretty awesome, it has cool batik inside.

Okay well I got to go to Taman Mini for P-day today. Have a great week!

Elder Hymas

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  1. Snazzy suit lining! That suit will last you a good long time after you get home!