Monday, April 11, 2016

Wallet got stolen, but Conference was great!

Hello all,
This week was.... alright. Elder Fowler and I have been riding the buses around and going places trying to talk and teach people, I am getting a little bored of riding the buses all around though, I gotta find something new to do. We were riding the train on the way home and it was super packed in the train, like we can't even move around on the train. Well when I got off the train I check my pockets and my wallet was gone :( Someone must have stolen it while I was on the train. It is a common problem here. Well now I don't have my mission debit card or my personal debit card anymore haha. I called the person in charge of money and he said he was going to transfer my money to my companions account, so 2 days later we need to take out my money and Elder Fowler couldn't find his card. So now we both don't have our mission debit cards! So these past couple of days we have been spending very little money. I have been living off of like $3 the past couple of days. Hopefully today we get some money. But on a brighter note General Conference was awesome! I watched it in English yesterday and I was happy. We have a refugee family from Iran who are our investigators. We met with them and had a great lesson about Joseph Smith and watched the short movie. We were trying to get them a Book of Mormon in Persian but it was hard. Apparently it was out of stock online and would take a long time to get one. And then one of the members decided to look in his book self and found a Book of Mormon in Persian! He doesn't know how or why he got one but he was willing to give it to us. So that was a cool miracle, I know that the Lord looks out for us and provides. I hope everyone has a great week!

-Elder Hymas-

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