Monday, April 25, 2016

2 more baptisms, The Sickness, My last week in Jakarta

Hello all. This week was a bit of a tough one because 3 out of the 5 people in our house got pretty sick, and yes one of them was me. Usually we only have 4 Elders in the house but Elder Siahaan from Bogor is going home tomorrow and spent the week in our house in Jakarta before he went home. First Elder Hansen got really sick and my companion Elder Fowler stayed home to take care of him. Then the next day I got pretty sick with a fever and a sore throat. I even lost my voice pretty bad too, I sounded like a 90 year old chain smoker. And then shortly after I got sick my companion Elder Fowler got sick too, so we spent quite a bit of time resting up and trying to get better. It wasn't very fun at all but I am feeling good again now! So because of that sickness that went around not much got done this week. We still met with one of our investigators from Iran, he was awesome and I am sad to leave them but I am sure they will progress without me. We also got 2 more baptisms in the Jakarta 2 ward yesterday! Sister Lusiana and Sister Liliana got baptized! They were a referral from a member in the English ward and the sisters did a great job teaching them.
So yes this is my last week in Jakarta, tomorrow I will be moving to Manado to finish off my mission there. I am excited but it is actually kind of scary now because my mission is really coming to a close and it doesn't feel like it should be and it is weird. I am going to do my best though! Some members were pretty sad for my last Sunday in Jakarta, I even got some gifts. It is always sad leaving an area. I grow to love the people there so much and then just leave them. It is though but that is how it goes. I am still happier than ever to serve where ever the Lord desires. Saya akan melayani di mana pun Tuhan inginkan! Today for P-day I am just dropping some stuff off at the mission office before I move, we pick up the new Jakarta DL, and then I will pack and we have an appointment later tonight. Mother's day is in like 2 weeks right? I am excited for that Skype call!

-Elder Hymas-

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  1. I love the snake picture! Snakes fascinate me. When I taught school we had a guy who raises snakes come to our class. I had a snake wrapped around me just like you have in your picture. I walked into the class next door to show the snake to the teacher there. Turns out he, who is a big ol' macho man weightlifter, is deathly afraid of snakes and just about climbed up the wall trying to get away from me. Ha!! I loved it.