Monday, May 2, 2016

The 5th and Last City: Manado

So I moved to Manado last Tuesday, it was a 3 hour flight and I landed on time and safely. Manado is significantly different than any of the other cities in my mission. Pretty much everyone in Manado is Christian and there might be more churches here than there is in Utah haha, they are all over the place. The church here is literally right next to the ocean and I live about a 5 minute walk away from the ocean. There are also some mountains and the jungle close by. Oh and at night I can see stars! The first time I have seen stars since I left America!

So the branch has about 60 or 70 people at church each week. Manado is growing and they are looking at changing buildings soon to get a bigger place. We do not ride bikes here in Manado, we would die if we did haha my area is really big and there are sooo many huge hills everywhere, it makes it impossible to ride bikes. So we walk and ride small blue minivans called an angkot. Manado is pretty funny because they pimp out their angkots here with lights and speakers and big subs and they all play loud music haha so I pretty much know most of the new songs out there.

There are 4 Elders here and 2 sisters, Elder Setijawan and I in in charge of the south part of Manado. We visited a lot of non-active and active members this week. They are all awesome and gave us a lot of food. I still don't have my personal card anymore and probably just have to wait until I go home to get a new one, I will have to be hemat from now on. We don't have many progressive investigators right now but I will try to change that soon.

Well the internet here is really slow and I don't have much more time left to email. I am excited to Skype my family next week! Have a great week!
- Elder Hymas

Flying to Manado

My second to last transfer.

Streets of Manado

The Manado District

Our house

Of course if found the McDonalds

My Breakfast

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