Monday, May 9, 2016

My companion was sick

Hello! It was awesome to Skype my family for the last time on the mission! Luke, Isabelle, and Chloe have grown so much! Well this week wasn't too exciting, my companion got sick on Wednesday and for 5 days straight he was fevering and sick. So I was stuck in the house for 5 days straight. Just today he is feeling better. We went to the Hospital twice to check up on him and get meds, we spent quite a lot of money at the hospital. So pretty much this week I read lots of church books at home and watched the restoration video a few times, I might have went a little crazy. So yup that was my week! Fun fun. Well I hope Everyone has a good week! Love ya all!
- Elder Hymas
Drinks at pizza hut

Elder Setijawan sakit


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