Monday, March 30, 2015

ZTM and a trip to the Sick House

This week was an alright week. On Tuesday we went out with the mission couple here, Elder and Sister Jeffery and we went to a member's house kinda far away. We ate a really big catfish that the member caught and it was really good. On Wednesday we had a zone meeting in Magelang. Zone meetings are always fun because I get to see all my missionary friends and catch up. We learned lots of good stuff like to always respect other people, especially other missionaries, and that planning is the key to revelation as a missionary. The rest of the week we taught lots of lessons and hopefully got people closer to baptism. Our investigator Andre couldn't go to church yesterday because he had to work :( but that's a rare thing for him to work on Sundays and he is coming to church with us next week and so on.
I also went to the Rumah Sakit (Hospital) on Saturday had 2 operations done to me. I went to the hospital because I got an ingrown toenail (common for missionaries) and I had a big wart on my arm. So the doctor there cut off my big left toenail and cut out my wart on my arm and stitched me back up. It hurt a little bit but I'm tough so no big deal right. They put me on meds and I am a little broken right now but getting better. I rode my bike today to the computer place so that was an improvement.
All in all it was a pretty good week!

- Elder Hymas
Brother Kelik and I

Me and the funny doctor who cut me up

Monday, March 23, 2015

Back in Solo

This week was fun. Last P-day we went to the mission couple's house, Elder and Sister Jeffery. We played card games and played basketball. It was really fun and I like the new mission couple. The mission couple went out with us last Wednesday to work with us. It was super nice because we got to ride in their car and didn't have to ride our bikes. We visited lots of people and the mission couple helped them by baring their testimonies. The power of baring your testimony is really really strong. When you let the Spirit bare witness to others of the truth it is a lot more effective.

There was a meeting for some church members in the Jawa Tengah stake in Solo last Saturday. All of the District Leaders had to go to it so Elder Widigdo and I went to Solo Friday night and Saturday! I got to see my old Investigator Herdik who is now a member. He is doing great and it was awesome to see him again. I got to see my old companions Elder Sadiyono and Arthur and other missionaries too. It was a fun time. On Saturday morning Elder Widigdo and Elder Sadiyono went to the meeting and Elder Arthur and I went on splits together. I had a good time in Solo and we went back to Magelang with some members Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday at church Indra got confirmed a member and his family came to church with him to so they could see what church their son joined. They ended up liking what they saw and I think the other elders are going to start teaching them. Cool stuff!

Later that day we went to the mission couple's house for a family home evening with them and the members in the branch. It was fun and we ate pancakes which I missed very much.

Our investigator Andre is making great progress and I am like 100% sure he will get baptized soon. Hendrik is also doing great and making some sweet progress.
Today for P-day I think we are playing pool with Hendrik, should be fun!

Have an awesome week!
-Elder Hymas

Monday, March 16, 2015

Mission Couple and Another Baptism

This week has been a good one, the weeks have just been flying by lately. Last week for P-day we didn't do anything really. On Tuesday the Zone Leaders came to Magelang to go on splits with me and Elder Widigdo. I went on splits with Elder Litster who served in Magelang just before he became a zone leader. We had a good time and worked hard. On Wednesday a mission couple came to serve in Magelang. Their names are Elder and Sister Jeffery. Elder Jeffery served in Indonesia about 40 years ago and now came back to serve here again with his wife. They are really great and Elder Jeffery's Indonesian is still pretty good after all this time. We are going to go to thier house today after emailing to eat some spaghetti and play games.
There are also these huge wasps that decided to make some nests in our house. I am too scared to do anything about it though because I don't want to die yet. These wasps are about the size of my ring finger and look like the scariest thing ever created. I don't know what we are going to do about them, hopefully one of use will be brave enough to fix this problem soon before they take over the house.
Yesterday a guy named Indra got baptized into the Magelang ward. He is awesome and has an impressive testimony in this church. He is almost 19 years old and wants to serve a mission when he finishes college in a couple years. It is always great to se someone discover the gospel. He told us yesterday that it was the best day of his life.
It also rained really hard last Saturday and flooded the roads.
Have a great week!
- Elder Hymas
Indra's baptism

Some flooding

The new mission couple, Elder and Sister Jeffery

Monday, March 9, 2015

Keep it Hidden, Keep it Safe.

Nothing to exciting happened this week besides the usual teaching people and changing their lives with the gospel. Last P-day we ate at KFC and then went home and took a nap haha. Today for P-day we might go play pool because one of our invesitigators owns a pool place. We will also eat at KFC of course.

One of our investigators we have been teaching got me a little frustrated this week. He is just happy staying an investigator and doens't want to change. He says he knows that the church is true and beleives in it and has been an investigator for a long time, but when we ask him to be baptized he gives us answers that aren't clear at all and talks a lot about junk and I don't quite like it. One thing I got to work on more is just loving the people who I serve.

Other than that some of our other investigators are doing well. One of them, Mas H., still is doubtful about living prophets but hopefully that gets taken care of soon. Another one names Mas A. is really awesome and is progressing fantastically. Good stuff going on here in Magelang.

I went on splits with Elder Zollinger last Friday, he is a great elder and works hard!

We went to pick up an investigator to come to church with us but when we got there his sister said he was still showering and that he could come to the mormon church by himself when he was done. So we went to chruch without him. He never showed up to chruch :(

I got a mysterious package the other day with The One Ring in it.....and some beef jerkey. The ring is pretty legit but my compainion can still see me when I put it on.....I think he might be a follower of Sauron, I should be careful.

Have an awesome week everyone!

Elder Hymas

Monday, March 2, 2015

Busy Week.

This week was a busy one. Lots of lessons every day, but that is a good thing!

On the way home from emailing last week I got hit by a taxi haha. It wasn't too bad and it wasn't my fault. My back tire got bent and now it wobbles around like a dummy. At least I knocked his licence plate off, that showed him! The bent tire really isn't that big of a probably so I can't be bothered to go and fix it.

I got my new pair of glasses a few days ago, new glasses are always fun. Other than that nothing really super exciting happened this week. We just worked hard and ate and slept. When we reported statistics to the zone leaders yesterday they pretty much told us that we were the best district in the Jawa Tengah Zone. Ya know, no big deal.

We cleaned the house pretty good this morning. While I was washing some dishes I went to turn the faucet off and accedently ripped it off the wall, oops. So water was pouring out of the wall uncontrolablly. We had to shut the water of at our house and new we need to spend some time today getting a new faucet or something. Good times.

Well that's about if for this week!
-Elder Hymas
Elder Hymas tries real hard to read 2 Nefi from the Kitab Mormon