Monday, March 9, 2015

Keep it Hidden, Keep it Safe.

Nothing to exciting happened this week besides the usual teaching people and changing their lives with the gospel. Last P-day we ate at KFC and then went home and took a nap haha. Today for P-day we might go play pool because one of our invesitigators owns a pool place. We will also eat at KFC of course.

One of our investigators we have been teaching got me a little frustrated this week. He is just happy staying an investigator and doens't want to change. He says he knows that the church is true and beleives in it and has been an investigator for a long time, but when we ask him to be baptized he gives us answers that aren't clear at all and talks a lot about junk and I don't quite like it. One thing I got to work on more is just loving the people who I serve.

Other than that some of our other investigators are doing well. One of them, Mas H., still is doubtful about living prophets but hopefully that gets taken care of soon. Another one names Mas A. is really awesome and is progressing fantastically. Good stuff going on here in Magelang.

I went on splits with Elder Zollinger last Friday, he is a great elder and works hard!

We went to pick up an investigator to come to church with us but when we got there his sister said he was still showering and that he could come to the mormon church by himself when he was done. So we went to chruch without him. He never showed up to chruch :(

I got a mysterious package the other day with The One Ring in it.....and some beef jerkey. The ring is pretty legit but my compainion can still see me when I put it on.....I think he might be a follower of Sauron, I should be careful.

Have an awesome week everyone!

Elder Hymas

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