Monday, March 30, 2015

ZTM and a trip to the Sick House

This week was an alright week. On Tuesday we went out with the mission couple here, Elder and Sister Jeffery and we went to a member's house kinda far away. We ate a really big catfish that the member caught and it was really good. On Wednesday we had a zone meeting in Magelang. Zone meetings are always fun because I get to see all my missionary friends and catch up. We learned lots of good stuff like to always respect other people, especially other missionaries, and that planning is the key to revelation as a missionary. The rest of the week we taught lots of lessons and hopefully got people closer to baptism. Our investigator Andre couldn't go to church yesterday because he had to work :( but that's a rare thing for him to work on Sundays and he is coming to church with us next week and so on.
I also went to the Rumah Sakit (Hospital) on Saturday had 2 operations done to me. I went to the hospital because I got an ingrown toenail (common for missionaries) and I had a big wart on my arm. So the doctor there cut off my big left toenail and cut out my wart on my arm and stitched me back up. It hurt a little bit but I'm tough so no big deal right. They put me on meds and I am a little broken right now but getting better. I rode my bike today to the computer place so that was an improvement.
All in all it was a pretty good week!

- Elder Hymas
Brother Kelik and I

Me and the funny doctor who cut me up

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