Monday, March 2, 2015

Busy Week.

This week was a busy one. Lots of lessons every day, but that is a good thing!

On the way home from emailing last week I got hit by a taxi haha. It wasn't too bad and it wasn't my fault. My back tire got bent and now it wobbles around like a dummy. At least I knocked his licence plate off, that showed him! The bent tire really isn't that big of a probably so I can't be bothered to go and fix it.

I got my new pair of glasses a few days ago, new glasses are always fun. Other than that nothing really super exciting happened this week. We just worked hard and ate and slept. When we reported statistics to the zone leaders yesterday they pretty much told us that we were the best district in the Jawa Tengah Zone. Ya know, no big deal.

We cleaned the house pretty good this morning. While I was washing some dishes I went to turn the faucet off and accedently ripped it off the wall, oops. So water was pouring out of the wall uncontrolablly. We had to shut the water of at our house and new we need to spend some time today getting a new faucet or something. Good times.

Well that's about if for this week!
-Elder Hymas
Elder Hymas tries real hard to read 2 Nefi from the Kitab Mormon

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