Monday, February 23, 2015

What? 1/4 of my mission is already over?

This week has been a great one. Very busy, we taught lots of lessons and ate lots of rice. 
We taught Pak P. almost every night this week because he wanted to get baptized this week. Everything went well with him and he was baptized yesterday in the swimming pool of Hotel Trio! There was only like 1 other person in the swimming pool so it was a lot better and a lot more spiritual. I am so happy to see the gospel bless families. P.s' wife was baptized about a year ago and their kids are age 7 and like 5. I see them being a strong LDS family getting sealed in the temple later... so exciting! 
Something kind of sad happened this week. My back up pair of glasses broke! My newer pair broke a while ago and I can't use them anymore, and now my older pair broke too! They are being held together by some super glue for the time being. I went to the mall a few days ago to order some new glasses. My vision is pretty bad haha it is -7.25, at least I think that is pretty bad. My new glasses should come in a few days. We went to a new members house the day my glasses broke. She is a nice old lady who makes the best soto in the whole world! While we were eating she turned on the tv and we watched some Indonesian tv shows. They are sooo bad hahah the quality is just terrible and it is pretty cheezy haha, but that's what makes them so fun to watch too haha. 
We taught the first lesson to a new investigator this week and it was awesome. He has been coming to chruch for a while with his friend but wasn't ready to take the lessons from the missionaries, but now he wants to learn. He is great and I don't have any doubts he will get baptized soon too. There is a lot of potential in Magelang and the small branch is going to be too big for the building haha. 
Oh yeah and my mission is already 1/4 of the way over! That's a big chunk! I got my mission call almost 1 year ago. Before I know it I am going to be on the long plane ride home. 
Okay have an awesome week!
- Elder Hymas
It is really pretty in Magelang

Happy Chinese New Year!

Some yummy nasi goreng!


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