Monday, February 9, 2015

White Washin' in Magelang

This week was transfer week! On Tuesday I moved to Magelang. The branch president of Magelang drove to Solo to drop off Elder Litster, so he was able to pick me up and take me back to Magelang with him. It was nice, the branch president likes jazz and Michael Buble. I met my new companion later that night, Elder Widigdo from Bogor. Elder Widigdo is an awesome missionary and a really nice person. We are getting along just fine. Elder Widigdo also just transferred to Magelang with me so that means we are white washing our area. We had a fun time this week figuring out who all the investigators are and where they live and who the members are. It wasn't that bad though, Magelang is probably the smallest area in the mission so it was manageable. This is the 3rd area that Elder Widigdo has white washed haha so he is pretty used to it now. Our house is pretty nice and big. There are 4 elders in Magelang, Elder Hymas, and Elder Widigdo. Elder Zollinger from Idaho and Elder Lie from Semarang.
I really like Magelang so far. Like I have said before it is up in the mountains. So the weather here is a lot colder. I think I might have went a day here without sweating which is weird. It is rainy season here though so it rains every day for a while and it rains hard. We got soaked a few times, but we are hard core missionaries so it didn't phase us. There is a lot less people here in Magelang so it is a lot more quiet and peaceful. The branch here is pretty small here. I think there was about 30 people at chruch yesterday, about 5 of them where investigators. The members here are all really cool and really good friends.
A few days ago we taught an old man who says he is Christian and goes to Church but we found out during the lesson that he doen't beleive in Jesus Christ. Haha I thought that was pretty weird. Nggak pain dia ikut gereja tetapi nggak percaya Yesus Kristus. Sangat aneh dia.
Oh yeah last Monday while I was still in Solo I ate some dog for the first time. It was actually pretty tasty... I wonder what type of dog it was....
Well have an awesome week!
- Elder Hymas
Elder Widigdo and I with some awesome members.

the sketchy place we ate some dog at

Some dog and rice! Yum!

Our English Class

The Church building

It rains a lot here

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