Monday, February 16, 2015

Going to the Swimming Pool and Feeding Monkies

Some fun stuff happened this week. We started off the week hunting down a big lizard called a tokek. Elder Zollinger and I caught it in a water bottle and took some pictures with it. Then we let it go freeee.

We also got a call earlier this week from one of our investigators and he told us that we wants to get baptized soon. We were surprised but pretty happy as you can guess. We still have some more to teach him but we have been meeting with him like every day and the plan is for him to get baptized this Saturday! Cool stuff.

The other elders in Magelang had a baptism this week for one of their investigators! Her baptism took place in a local swimming pool because the church here doesn't have a baptismal font yet. It wasn't the most ideal place to have a baptism but as long as it works right?

Today for P-day we climbed up a small mountain. There was a nice path up the mountain and there was also a lot of stairs. We were pretty beat once we got to the top. Once we got up there there was another path going down so we tried it. Once we reached the bottom we found ourselves at what looked like a military academy. There was a nice track and field and life size model tanks. I don't think we were supposed to be there haha so we climbed back up the mountain again and went down the right path. On the way down the mountain for the 2nd time we say a bunch of monkies and I feed them some knock-off M&Ms.

Well that's about it this week!
- Elder Hymas
A stupid cicak found its way into my oreos... :/

Me feeding a monkey

Most of the ward at the baptism

My companion and I

The place where the other elders baptism was at. Unique baptism that one was
A picture of me that a rambunctious primary kid took of me while I was trying to teach him English.

The Rambunctious Primary Kid

The Tokek we caught

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