Monday, March 28, 2016

I got the call.... Happy Easter! (Selamat Hari Paskah!)

This week was pretty neat. For P-day last week I went to get measured for a suit. I am going to get a new black suit with blue batik design in the inside and my name embroided inside too. It is a super high quality suit too and it only cost me $116, pretty suit deal considering that would cost like $1000 in America. The suit should be ready next week.

We were supposed to have a district meeting last Tuesday, but we figured out too late that all the taxis and public transportation were having a demonstration that day so we struggled to get half way to the mission office and then just ended up postponing the meet until Saturday. We were stuck at a mall for a few hours because there was no public transportation at all, then we finally found one bus back home and took it. Apparently there were some fights going on and it was nuts. The traffic was crazy because taxis were just driving around striking. The next day the taxi company felt bad for their behavior and offered free taxi rides the whole day.

There is this new member who moved into our area a few months ago. We have been working hard with him to get him to church on Sunday, and yesterday he came and had a good time and met the members so that was awesome.

Also a few days ago I got a call from the mission office and they asked me what airport I would like to fly into when I go home... so yeah they already bought my ticket home... My last day here is on the 27th of July and I will fly home on the 28th of July, probably in the morning, so that means I might get home on the 28th of July in the afternoon, 4 months from today, crazy. I don't know if that is a long time or not.

We had a great Easter yesterday. We had some investigators in Gospel Principles class yesterday and the teacher wasn't here so I was just going to teach, but then President Donald walked in and joined us and he pretty much taught the whole lesson so that was nice haha it was a great lesson too.

And then later that night we went to a member from the English ward and had Easter dinner there. They invited another family too from Iran. They are Christens and refugees. They were super cool though and they were really interested and touched from our message about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. The father asked a lot of good questions and us and the member who invited us answered and taught him a lot. He wants go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast on Saturday and Church on Sunday with his family. The Spirit was strong and I have high hopes for them. It is always a great experience when members give referrals and help teach and give commitments.

Well I hope everyone is doing well! See ya later.

- Elder Hymas
Some modern art I found

We went Easter Egg hunting,

Monday, March 21, 2016

Some hospital trips

Hello Everyone,
This week was a fun one to say the least. Last P-day we just kind of hung out at the mission office because we have no money and we will probably do the same thing today haha. On Tuesday we met with one of our investigators who is a Muslim but pretty smart about the Bible and other beliefs. When we first started meeting with him he was a bit defensive and questioning but now his heart is beginning to soften and he is more accepting of our message. It is cool to see the effect the gospel has on people even if it might take a while.
Then on Wednesday our house got gassed all of a sudden to kill mosquitoes to prevent Dengue Fever. Well we were in the house when it got gassed and I think it made us a bit crazy that day and didn't make our food too good either. Oh and Elder Arthur also fell off a hammock at our house and got a slight concussion so we dragged him to the hospital to try to fix him, I got some cool contacts that day though so that was cool.
Then the next day we got a call from the bishop to visit a member family in the hospital because their young kid got Dengue Fever the night before and they wanted a blessing. So we went over to the hospital and visited them and gave the kid a blessing.
On Saturday the bishop's daughter in the Jakarta English ward got baptized. It was a cool and the spirit was strong, the little girl was so happy to be baptized! Then they had a potluck meal afterwards and it was amazing! We had pizza, lasagna, enchiladas, meatballs, jello, cupcakes, and lots of food that I haven't had in like 20 months! That night I also interviewed the sister's investigator for baptism and the interview went well. Her baptism was yesterday and it was a joyous affair. Then after the baptism we practiced choir for the stake conference, we are getting pretty good. Then we went to a family home evening with some members and our investigator. Then after that I gathered statistics and went to bed. All-in-all it was a good, eventful week.
Elder Hymas
our house got gassed

Elder Arthur at the hospital (Bad pic)

Elder Arthur didn't feel so well..

Monday, March 14, 2016

Solar Eclipse and a Field Trip

Selamat Pagi! This week was pretty good. We started off our week visiting this place called the Skybar for p-day. It is located on the top floor of one of the tallest buildings in Jakarta and we get to see the city from real up high. It was super cool and really hot! Then later on the night we went to an appointment with a member. This member met this guy when she got a ride home from institute and talked about the church with him and he wanted to meet. So we went to his house with this member and visited this guy. He has a lot of problems in his life like getting a divorce and has a really big debt and doesn't have a job and lives with his disabled friend, and is on the run from people that he owes money too. Well ya needless to say he has problems. We told him that we can only help him spiritual through our messages and that Jesus Christ and His Atonement will help him. I think he was a bit disappointed because it seems like he really just wanted help with his money and job problems. A lot of people here get a lot of free stuff from other churches and they expect us to do the same. But church isn't about free door prizes and and stuff. But we do give them the thing that they really need most, even when they don't realize it.
So the next day a class form a Theological school had a field trip to our church because a few students were going to present their project on their research of the "Mormon Church" and then they had a question and answer session with me and another member. We were invited to this by a mission couple here in charge of public relations, so we had to keep it professional and couldn't be too pushy. Their project was actually pretty good and they said they learned a lot. All of the students were really curious and asked really good questions. They all took a Book of Mormon home and a few other materials. They were all really interested in our church and hopefully the seeds planted in their hearts that day will grow.
I finished reading Doctrines of Salvation volume 1 by Joseph Fielding Smith the other day. It was really good and he explained a lot of gospel principles to me really well and it strenghened my faith. I have noticed lately that I have been more assertive and to the point with people when I share with them the gospel. I have become a lot braver to testify of our Savior Jesus Christ and His restored church to everybody and everybody. It feels good to know that my testimony has grown so much on my mission and it is nice to simply know without a doubt that this church is true and be brave to share it to everybody. I am excited to serve in greater callings in the church in my future and help the Lord's kingdom grow.

have a great week everybody!
- Elder Hymas
We went to a place called the skybar, It is on the highest floor on once of the tallest buildings in Jakarta so the view was cool

We felt pretty rich up there

Here is the solar eclipse we watched, pretty awesome... and I head to wear 3 pairs of sunglasses to see it

Monday, March 7, 2016

A good week

Well this week was a good week. Elder Fowler and I were out and about working hard and talking to a lot of people. I am actually finishing Elder Fowler's training so he is my half-son. He was a few more weeks left of his training. His Indonesian is already really good but he still have trouble getting used to the Indonesia food haha.

So nothing too out of the ordinary happened this week. We just rode a lot of buses going to appointments and teaching the restored gospel. We have found a couple new investigators but there really isn't one that is begitu progressive at the moment.

In case you didn't know, Jakarta is full of traffic and nothing but traffic and people. So when we want to go to an appointment somewhere it might take us 2 hours to get there and 5 hours to get back haha. So we can only really plan one appointment a day and go there and talk to people on the way. That is pretty much what we do everyday, I am trying not to get bored of the buses.

I finished the book Doctrines of Salvation by Joseph Fielding Smith the other day and I really enjoyed it. It helped me really understand a lot of gospel points better and strengthen my faith. We also started the 80 day challenge again a few days ago. That is where we read the Book of Mormon as a companionship in 80 days. We are reading it in Indonesia! Anyone want to join us?

Today for P-day we are going to the skybar. I heard it is one of the tallest buildings in Jakarta and we can go to the top and look all around, should be neat.

Well That is about it for this week, thank you everyone for your support!

- Elder Hymas
Me on a crowded train

people dress up like weird things at Kota Tua.... 

kota tua again

Me and some members/investigator