Monday, March 28, 2016

I got the call.... Happy Easter! (Selamat Hari Paskah!)

This week was pretty neat. For P-day last week I went to get measured for a suit. I am going to get a new black suit with blue batik design in the inside and my name embroided inside too. It is a super high quality suit too and it only cost me $116, pretty suit deal considering that would cost like $1000 in America. The suit should be ready next week.

We were supposed to have a district meeting last Tuesday, but we figured out too late that all the taxis and public transportation were having a demonstration that day so we struggled to get half way to the mission office and then just ended up postponing the meet until Saturday. We were stuck at a mall for a few hours because there was no public transportation at all, then we finally found one bus back home and took it. Apparently there were some fights going on and it was nuts. The traffic was crazy because taxis were just driving around striking. The next day the taxi company felt bad for their behavior and offered free taxi rides the whole day.

There is this new member who moved into our area a few months ago. We have been working hard with him to get him to church on Sunday, and yesterday he came and had a good time and met the members so that was awesome.

Also a few days ago I got a call from the mission office and they asked me what airport I would like to fly into when I go home... so yeah they already bought my ticket home... My last day here is on the 27th of July and I will fly home on the 28th of July, probably in the morning, so that means I might get home on the 28th of July in the afternoon, 4 months from today, crazy. I don't know if that is a long time or not.

We had a great Easter yesterday. We had some investigators in Gospel Principles class yesterday and the teacher wasn't here so I was just going to teach, but then President Donald walked in and joined us and he pretty much taught the whole lesson so that was nice haha it was a great lesson too.

And then later that night we went to a member from the English ward and had Easter dinner there. They invited another family too from Iran. They are Christens and refugees. They were super cool though and they were really interested and touched from our message about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. The father asked a lot of good questions and us and the member who invited us answered and taught him a lot. He wants go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast on Saturday and Church on Sunday with his family. The Spirit was strong and I have high hopes for them. It is always a great experience when members give referrals and help teach and give commitments.

Well I hope everyone is doing well! See ya later.

- Elder Hymas
Some modern art I found

We went Easter Egg hunting,


  1. 4 months - Wow. Finish it out so that when you leave, your companion will need a nap!

  2. Yay!!! So proud of the amazing example you are!!!!