Monday, March 21, 2016

Some hospital trips

Hello Everyone,
This week was a fun one to say the least. Last P-day we just kind of hung out at the mission office because we have no money and we will probably do the same thing today haha. On Tuesday we met with one of our investigators who is a Muslim but pretty smart about the Bible and other beliefs. When we first started meeting with him he was a bit defensive and questioning but now his heart is beginning to soften and he is more accepting of our message. It is cool to see the effect the gospel has on people even if it might take a while.
Then on Wednesday our house got gassed all of a sudden to kill mosquitoes to prevent Dengue Fever. Well we were in the house when it got gassed and I think it made us a bit crazy that day and didn't make our food too good either. Oh and Elder Arthur also fell off a hammock at our house and got a slight concussion so we dragged him to the hospital to try to fix him, I got some cool contacts that day though so that was cool.
Then the next day we got a call from the bishop to visit a member family in the hospital because their young kid got Dengue Fever the night before and they wanted a blessing. So we went over to the hospital and visited them and gave the kid a blessing.
On Saturday the bishop's daughter in the Jakarta English ward got baptized. It was a cool and the spirit was strong, the little girl was so happy to be baptized! Then they had a potluck meal afterwards and it was amazing! We had pizza, lasagna, enchiladas, meatballs, jello, cupcakes, and lots of food that I haven't had in like 20 months! That night I also interviewed the sister's investigator for baptism and the interview went well. Her baptism was yesterday and it was a joyous affair. Then after the baptism we practiced choir for the stake conference, we are getting pretty good. Then we went to a family home evening with some members and our investigator. Then after that I gathered statistics and went to bed. All-in-all it was a good, eventful week.
Elder Hymas
our house got gassed

Elder Arthur at the hospital (Bad pic)

Elder Arthur didn't feel so well..

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  1. Isn't it kind of illegal to gas your renters??!!!