Monday, March 7, 2016

A good week

Well this week was a good week. Elder Fowler and I were out and about working hard and talking to a lot of people. I am actually finishing Elder Fowler's training so he is my half-son. He was a few more weeks left of his training. His Indonesian is already really good but he still have trouble getting used to the Indonesia food haha.

So nothing too out of the ordinary happened this week. We just rode a lot of buses going to appointments and teaching the restored gospel. We have found a couple new investigators but there really isn't one that is begitu progressive at the moment.

In case you didn't know, Jakarta is full of traffic and nothing but traffic and people. So when we want to go to an appointment somewhere it might take us 2 hours to get there and 5 hours to get back haha. So we can only really plan one appointment a day and go there and talk to people on the way. That is pretty much what we do everyday, I am trying not to get bored of the buses.

I finished the book Doctrines of Salvation by Joseph Fielding Smith the other day and I really enjoyed it. It helped me really understand a lot of gospel points better and strengthen my faith. We also started the 80 day challenge again a few days ago. That is where we read the Book of Mormon as a companionship in 80 days. We are reading it in Indonesia! Anyone want to join us?

Today for P-day we are going to the skybar. I heard it is one of the tallest buildings in Jakarta and we can go to the top and look all around, should be neat.

Well That is about it for this week, thank you everyone for your support!

- Elder Hymas
Me on a crowded train

people dress up like weird things at Kota Tua.... 

kota tua again

Me and some members/investigator

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