Monday, February 29, 2016

Hola Amigos

Hello all, this week has been great! Elder Fowler and I spent a lot of time on the busways and other places contacting people. We have been to this place called Monas a few times, it is Indonesia's National Monument. They have a basketball court there too so we played some prossball. That's were we just ask them if we can play in our white shirts and ties and contact them while we play, we ended up teaching a couple lessons from it and it was fun! We had a lesson with a Muslim man who has learned from the Bible for a long time and has met with other faiths like JWs. I think he is sincere and is searching for the truth. He just has problems accepting Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world and everyone on it. He says Jesus was only sent to the people of Israel and whatnot. We tried to explain but it is not possible to change your beliefs unless you receive a witness through the Spirit that something is true. Hopefully he reads and prays like we told him to do.

We only had one investigator at church yesterday, he has been an investigator for a long time but still comes to church so that is good. hopefully soon we can help him progress in his repentance process. Two weeks ago a lot of non-members had a funeral at our church here and yesterday night they had a last worship service at our church and ate a lot of food. They invited us to come too. The service was really interesting. It is pretty different how other churches worship. They sang a lot and threw their hands up in the air. The preachers spoke really fast and I didn't exactly agree with everything they said haha, then they passed around some big envelopes and people put money in them while they sang. It was a neat experience but the food afterwards was really good, and free. Well that was about all that happened this week I guess. Take care,
- Elder Hymas
Elder Fowler and I

Elder Arthur and Elder Jasperson


The Barker family and I

the national monument Monas

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