Monday, February 15, 2016

Back with Dodo again!

Halo selamat siang semuanya, ini Elder Hymas.
This week was alright, It was kinda of a slow week for us but that happens occasionally. We had a Zone meeting on Friday and it was good. Oh and my buddy Elder Widigdo came to Jakarta from Medan and he is staying here for a week and a half and then he goes home from his mission. I served with Elder Widigdo for 3 and a half months in Magelang and he is awesome! Well all of a sudden a few days ago I was told that I would be companions with Elder Widigdo until he goes home and then I would get a new companion, so now I am with Elder Widigdo again! I am pretty happy about that.

Yesterday was Valentine's day but don't worry I didn't celebrate it haha, I heard Brock got engaged! That's awesome and about time!

We have some investigators that are doing pretty good but still have some progress to be made. Hopefully in the near future we will see some baptisms. It is just really really tough to get return appointments or meet with people at all here because everyone is so busy and whatnot.

Today for P-day we are planning on going to Sea World Jakarta, so that sounds like a good time! Hopefully not too expensive.

Me at the ocean for the first time in Indonesia

Sea World
At a members house

Some Dragon fruit and carrot juice

Have a great week!
- Elder Hymas

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