Monday, February 22, 2016

Well I got robbed and my companion is going home today

Hello everyone. This week has been pretty good. Ya and like the title says my bag got stolen a few days ago... that was pretty annoying. We were at McDonalds and we were eating and enjoying our tripple cheeseburger. I put my bag on the ground next to me, I thought that would be safe and all in a McDonalds. Well when we got up to leave and my bag was gone, I was pretty confused for a second so we walked back to the church to see if I just left it there, but it wasn't at the church either. We watched the film on the security camera at the McDs and ya we saw 4 people come in the resturant and 2 sat behind us, one by the door, and one by the counter. The 2 behind me took my bag with their feet under the tables. One of the workers almost say but their friend by the door called him over to distract him. They then put my bag in their backpack and then they all 4 walked out. It was pretty quick and we didn't even notice. Pretty dumb, hopefully they will read the Book or Mormon or the pamphlets in my bag and repent. I also lost my nice camera and all my photos....
But other than that my week was alright. My companion Elder Widigdo gets released in like 3 more hours so he is pretty excited about that. He was been pretty trunky these past couple of days haha.
A few days ago we met with a new investigator and at the beginning he just wanted to Bible bash with us but after he realized we weren't just any old average Christians he started to humble down and was pretty good. He is a Muslim but is has read the Bible a bunch and has lots of questions. One of the issues he has is that he doesn't believe in the Trinity so once we explained what we believe he started to like us more haha.
I am getting a new companion today, his name is Elder Fowler from Kansas I think. I haven't met him yet but I will in a little bit. From what I hear he is a big guy who likes football and is funny, so I think we should get along.
I know that this church is true and that this gospel is the only way we can obtain everlasting happiness. All the things of the world don't matter, what matters are spiritual things and our relationships with others and our Father in Heaven.

- Elder Hymas

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