Sunday, February 1, 2015

Last week In Solo

Well my last week in Solo has been pretty good. We were all a bit sick this week though, probably masuk angin, I'll tell you about masuk angin in a bit. I visited some people for the last time kinda sad but it's all okay, the work always move forward and it is just the life of a missionary. I don't know what it is like in other, "normal" missions but here you get transfered like every 6 months, sometimes longer haha. So you spend a lot of time in the same place and with the same people. And then you can get transfered to other city 500 miles away.

Yesterday our new member Brother H passed the sacrament for the first time and then bore his testimony in the meeting. He is awesome and I am going to miss him. We spent some time with him this week teaching him about the priesthood and about the history of the church and Joesph Smith. We watched the Joesph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie with him and it really helped his faith grow seeing all the hardship and sacrifices of the saints. I think Bro H is going to do just fine.

So I'll tell you a bit about "Masuk Angin". They believe in a sickness called masuk angin which roughly means enter wind. They believe that if the wind blows on you, especially when it is night/raining/cold that you WILL get sick from the wind entering your body. It is a legit thing and everyone believes in it and takes silly precautions to avoid it haha. The symptoms of masuk angin include coughing, sneezing, sore muscles, fever and headaches. Basically all of the symptoms of a cold or light flu. Didn't show up for work yesterday? "Sorry masuk angin!" Don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning? Masuk angin. I am often in closed rooms and it is hot even by Indonesian standards and they still will never turn on a fan because of their fear of masuk angin. Haha I just tell them that I am immune to it.

Alright well have an awesome week!
- Elder Hymas

Me with my first Durian. It tasted...unique..

Pak Jon and his family. they have the best ayam bakar ever!
A stray dog eating out of the trash, this is sadly a common sight.

Me with some awesome primary kids.

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