Monday, May 23, 2016

Sunsets on the Ocean

Hello, this week was great. We have some new investigators with potential but they are still new so hopefully as we keep meeting with them they will progress more. This week I went on Splits with Elder Shaner on Wednesday and Elder Lieske on Friday, I went to their area for both of the splits. While I was with them we went to this place in the middle of the jungle. It was really cool and like nothing I have ever seen before. Just straight up jungle all around you, pretty sweet. A few days ago Elder Setijawan and I when up a mountain to a village with a few members, we stayed a little later than planned and the public transportation was already done going down the mountain for the day... so we ended up having to walk down and down and down until we got to a place where we could hop on another angok. But on the way down we saw a really awesome sunset over the ocean so it made the trip worth it, it was like hiking and I like hiking.
I found out today that 2 of my investigators in Jakarta, the ones that are refugees from Iran, are planning on getting baptized on the 4th of July. I was really happy when I found that out. The gospel really blessed their lives and I know it can bless every single person's life in ways they can't imagine. The Gospel is amazing and has the power to heal every soul and answer any question.
Oh ya and I also ate bat and boar the other day haha it was pretty good, maybe soon I can try rat out.
Love you all! Have a great week!
-Elder Hymas-
brother Rilly and I

a birthday party!

 bat and rat meat at the local grocery store

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