Monday, June 20, 2016

New Church Building

Hello! This week we moved into the new church building. We weren't planning on moving this week but the church offices in Jakarta called the branch president here and told him that they have to move this week so we worked hard to get the new place ready for Sunday. I helped out a lot with lifting the heavy objects up the stairs because I am two times larger than the average Indonesian. Needless to say they were happy I was there. The new place is newer and a bit bigger, it is not as close to the ocean anymore though.
We met with some new investigators this week, one is a referral from a member and he is cool. He wants to find the right path, because he knows from experience that there is a lot of wrong ones and they are easy to find. I was really hoping he would come to church this week but he didn't come, but no worries, we shall meet with him again!
Another one we met at Alfamart a few weeks ago, we met with him and his wife at their house, we brought a member along too which helped a lot. Him and his wife accepted our message and it was a great lesson. He was Muslim like 11 years ago but then changed to Christian, he wants to go to church with us, he couldn't go yesterday because his kid was having a birthday party, but he said he will go next week. I hope they come!
A member had a birthday party a few days ago and invited us, they had a wide assortment of meat available haha I don't really know what they all were. They also had a nice pig head there too yummy! Would you have eaten it??

I know this church is true and I love being a missionary! See you in 38 more days ;)
-Elder Hymas
The new church building

 pig head

Sister Norma's birhtday

a huge spider in the back of our house

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