Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope Santa came and gave you all some nice presents! Make sure you don't forget the true meaning of Christmas, which is Christ and his endless Atonement!

We spend most of the day Skyping on Christmas day. All the missionaries form our zone came to Solo to Skype. So it took a little while for everyone to finish, we Skyped at both the chuches. I enjoyed Skyping my family a lot! It was great to see them and hear their voices! But the time went by so fast :c. The webcam I used and Elder Hayes used worked all right. But right after us the microphone got busted somehow and no one was able to talk to their families with it. A sister was supposed to go right after us. She could hear and see her family but she couldn't talk to them. We were trying to fix it but nothing worked so then Elder Hayes and I just left to go and try to find a headset we could buy to use. We found one for around $7 and went back to the church. By the time we got back though the sister decided to try Skyping at the other church and was gone. It was alright though because lots of other Elders were still there and used the headset.

After we all Skyped we played futsal for a couple hours. I didn't play though because I had to be at the Banjasari Christmas party and didn't have enough time to shower and change and all that fun stuff. The day after Christmas was the Jebres Christmas party. The missionaries performed a little lip sync dance at both of the parties. We did pretty good I think.

It has been a little harder getting lessons in this week because of the holidays. One of our investigators Hedrick came to our Christmas party and came to church again yesterday with us. So he is going along just great!

Selamat Hari Natal dan Tahun Baru!

Christmas presents from the wards, notice the names

- Elder Hymas

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