Monday, December 8, 2014

JJ from Madagascar

So this week has been a pretty cool week. At the beginning of the week I wrote some letters for people for Christmas. On Wednesday I really wanted to send them after we ate lunch so we went to the post office, which is a good bike ride away, and I sent my letters. As I was sending them a person who was a little darker than the average Indonesian came up to us and asked us in very good English if he could talk to us once we were done. We were a bit surprised and said yes of course. So after I finished mailing we went out of the post office and talked to him. His name is JJ and he is new in Indonesia. He has only been here for 3 months and is still learning Indoneisan. He came here from his home in Madagascar to go to University here, and he plans to stay here for 3 years. While he was living in Madagascar he took lessons from Mormon missionaries, but he had to tell them he had to stop because he was moving to Indonesia. Once he got here he never saw any Mormons or Christians and thought everyone here was Muslim. But then he saw us at the post office came right up to us! It was awesome. So we showed him where the church is and gave him the first two lessons there and it was great and we did it in English, so I did most of the teaching haha. He went to church with us yesterday. It was a pretty cool miracle if you ask me. So I really hope he progresses fast and gets batpized.

I also went on splits with one of our zone leaders, Elder Murphy. It was good, Elder Murphy is a great guy.

We had 2 potential investigators who were really promising. They live next door to a member named Sister Samsi who referred them and helps us teach them. But apparently one of the members from our ward asked sister samsi about them and visited with them and insulted them or something because next time we met with sister samsi she told us about it and that they gave our Books of Mormon back and don't want to visit any more, very upsetting.

The weather is the same, it rains everyday and it is hot, but not as hot as it used to be.

Well have a great week everyone

- Elder Hymas
Our Christmas tree

baptismal font selfie

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