Monday, November 2, 2015

Splits and Mall Cops

Hello all,
This week was good. We weren't able to get much appointments in with people because some things just didn't work out this week, that's okay. We spent some time proselyting in malls. Proselyting in malls is pretty tough sometimes, but it is air-conditioned so that is nice. Sometimes I wish I could go door to door and knock on everyone's door like they do in America and other places. I is tough to proselyte here sometimes. We just gotta find or make opportunities to talk to random people but we can't make it look to obvious and we gotta be careful. The other day we got in trouble with some guards at a mall because one of the Elders in my house left a Book of Mormon at the ATM in the mall and the management of that mall was not happy at all about it. They accused us of planting it there for people to find and this and that and other trickery. It was just an accident but they didn't believe us. I don't even see how it is wrong if we did want to plant it there in the first place, who cares? All that it is going to do is save souls. Anyway so the management told us that we are not allowed to do that anymore at that mall but I don't care and I still go because I am cool with some of the guards and that is my favorite mall to proselyte in. I think it is pretty silly how people can get just so upset about what we are doing here. Once I gave a flyer for our free English class to a lady after talking with here. Then I went on the escalator to go upstairs. While I was on the escalator I saw this guard running over full speed to that lady and took the flyer from her hand and questioned her a bit, he looked mad too. It was just an FREE ENGLISH CLASS FLYER for goodness sakes. This kind of stuff happens all the time just because some people hate, and if you haven't noticed I don't like it haha. Well anyway this is supposed to be a religiously free country so they can't stop me.

I also went on some splits this week because I am the district leader and that's what they do. I went on a spit with Elder Chou on Friday and we have a fun day. We rode our bikes like mad men but we had a few lessons and met with some members. we probably rode our bikes like 25 miles that day. On Saturday I went on another split with another Elder because he wasn't getting along with is companion and needed some time to get himself together.

Oh yeah and apparently there was a bomb in one of the malls we usually go to at the same time we were there. It didn't go off I think but I heard that someone died. We got pretty lucky. So there is like no one in that mall right now because of that scare haha.

Okay I hope everyone has a great week!

- Elder Hymas

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