Monday, November 9, 2015

Military fair, and rainy season might have started?

Selamat Pagi semuanya!

This week has been pretty good. I guess nothing really too exciting happened this week. We just have been meeting with some investigators and members. We have a couple investigators that are really close to baptism they just have to show some faith and come to church with us and keep their commitments. Hopefully soon we shall have some success with them. One thing I want to start focusing on is working more with the members and getting their support. Missionary work is a lot harder then it needs to be when you don't get help from the members. If all the members got excited about missionary work and helped us more the work here would maju!

So it rained a tiny bit last Saturday and it rained a good amount yesterday. So I think/hope that the rainy season is starting here in Tangerang. They tell me that it should have started like a month and a half ago, so it is pretty late this year. The rain has it's ups and downs. The good thing is that it gets a lot cooler and it feels really nice. The bad things are that we get really wet and have to wear rain jackets. And also lots of people will cancel on us because it is raining and that isn't too fun. .

Well Elder Anderson and I are doing great. He is on his 12th week of training so that means that this is his last week and we will be an official missionary trained by Elder Hymas. That is quite an achievement.

Right now we have one investigator with a baptismal date for the 13th of December. If he just goes to church and the members are nice to him I am sure that he can get baptized. Also Sathees (which is the other companionship's investigator) is doing awesome! I love that guy so much. His plan is to get baptized on the 22 of November.

We had a zone meeting in Bogor last Friday and it was great. We learned that we should be more brave and open our mouth more and contact more. So we had a "Real-Play" which is like a role-play but real. they told us to all go outside for like 20 minutes and try to get a contact. Elder Anderson and I got 4 contacts in those 20 minutes, pretty cool. We got the most by the way too. It was cool to see that if we really try, we can gave a lot more success, who knew?

So in at one of the malls in my area there was a military fair thing. So I took a few pictures with the tanks and guns they had there and talked to some people. It is pretty cool, they give people free tank joy rides so maybe I can get one later.

Okay well that is about it for this week I think, I love you guys!

- Penatua Hymas

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