Monday, November 30, 2015

Miracles Happen, Thanksgiving at Wendy's, Stake Conference

Hello everyone! This week was pretty cool and also went by super fast! Oh yeah and happy Thanksgiving everyone! I almost forgot it was thanksgiving last Thursday until late afternoon and I was like woah it is Thanksgiving today! So we had a small expensive feast at Wendy's (110,000 Rupiahs = 7.95 US). It was nothing like my past Thanksgiving meals but it was sufficient.

So I will share a few experiences this week. My bike broke and we tried to get it fixed so for a few days we were stuck walking all over. One time we were walking home from an appointment kinda far away and while we were walking this guy tried to pass us by on his motor bike but it broke down right in front of us. We kept walking though and he fixed it and tried to pass up again but it broke down again as he tried to pass us. This happened three times and then we decided to talk to him and he was a really cool guy and was immediately interested in the Book of Mormon and wants to learn.

A month or two ago we meet this girl at a mall who did an exchange trip to Utah and met Mormons there and entered into a church once. Her English is perfect and she sounds like an American. She thought it was cool to see Elders again and took our picture to show her Utah friends and then left. Then a few days ago we met her again at another place and she came up to us. She told us that she actually wants to learn about our church now and wants to meet with us some time. She told us that her father is Muslim and her mother is Christian and they want here to decide on a religion for herself soon. She has already learned about Muslims and Buddhist, but she wants to learn about Mormons before she chooses. We were supposed to meet last Saturday but she couldn't at the last second so hopefully we meet again soon.

We meet with another investigator named Pak P., he is great and always reads the Book of Mormon and prays but has had a tough time coming to church. A few days ago we taught him the law of Chastity and the Spirit was really strong. After that he decided to right away buy himself a new white shirt, tie, shoes, and socks so he can come to church with us the next day.

Yesterday was stake conference at a big place in Jakarta. It was really good and Pak Pri came with us and he really liked it. Conference was great and there was some talks about becoming perfect in Christ, having hope, and unity in family. Elder Gong from the Seventy came to conference and gave a great talk, I shook his hand at then end and he said we look like a fine group of missionaries.

Well we played basketball with the district this morning for P-day and the rest of the day we will just eat and chill.

Have a great week!
- Elder Hymas
Thanksgiving at Wendy's

Elder Anderson

Stake Conference

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  1. I love the motorcycle story. Someone really wanted that guy to meet you!