Monday, December 7, 2015

Sathees Baptized, and one more is closer

Hello, apa kabar?

Well like every other week, this week was awesome. We started off our week contacting people at malls and on the streets. We were told we can't say we are proselyting anymore, we contact, we don't proselyte haha. We got some good contacts and handed out a few Kitab Mormons. One time we were at a book store looking at these tiny Alkitabs (Bibles) when a worker came up to talk to us. We said we were looking at the mini Alkitab because it was pretty cute and funny. It turns out he is Christian and the only Christian worker in the store. So we talked to him about the Book of Mormon and our Church and he was pretty interested and took a copy. I thought that was a cool experience. Another time we were sitting at a bench in a mall and these two dudes came and sat next to us, they saw our Kitab Mormons on our laps and asked us about them. They ended up liking it and taking two copies from us. They also told us they were members of a band that plays at that mall every Tuesday and invited us to watch them in a bit, so we decided why not and watched them. They were really good. One of them bought us some tea so that was awkward haha.
We also met with an Investigator Pak P. He is progressing really well and he really likes me a lot. We watched the Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration movie with him and he loved that movie, he even cried. He is determined to get baptized either this Sunday or the next because he might be out of town.
Yesterday at church my man Sathees got baptized and I had the honor of baptizing him. This gospel has made him so happy when he really needed it. We also had Pak P. come to church with us and watch the baptism.
We also had a zone meeting in Bogor again last Friday and it was cool. The APs came to the meeting as well and Elder Hayes who was in the same house as me in Solo is an AP and he told me that I will most likely be moving on the 30th of December but don't know quite where. I might be DL in Bakasi. It has felt like my time here in Tangerang went by really fast. But I have seen some cool miracles here.
Today I need to get a haircut, mail a package home, and eat some lunch. We are going to the other Elder's house (My old house) and we might play some games or bake some cookies.  Well have a great week!

- Elder Hymas
Elder Anderson getting a drink at IKEA

A band we saw at a mall, we gave Book of Mormons to 2 of them

Me and Sathees from Sri Lanka

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  1. Congratulations to Sathees! And what a joyful moment for you!