Monday, December 14, 2015

Mission Tour with Elder Wong and Elder Pon

Hello all,
This was a great week. Last P-day I got a hair cut and sent my family some letters. Today for P-day I don't think we are really doing anything. It looks like it is going to rain soon, it is cooler today because of that so it is nice.

Last Wednesday we went to Jakarta for a Mission Tour meeting with Elder Siu Hong Pon and Elder Chi Hong (Sam) Wong. It was an awesome meeting! And those too seventies are pretty funny people. Elder Hong has a really dry hilarious humor. I learned so much from them about really focusing on your goals and getting them done! More often than not I make goals but right when I walk out the door I forget about them or other thoughts about food or rain overpower. I am trying to not forget what I went out to do and see it done. I also learned a lot about persistence and relaying on the Lord through prayers if you want something done. They tell us that they have plans to make another Stake in the Jakarta area if we get a few more members. That would be one step closer to getting a temple here! They also talked to us about the importance of working with the members and the church leaders.

Yesterday Brother Sathees got confirmed and is now an official member of the Church. Next week on the 20th of December our ward should have 2 more baptisms. Pak P. and Veronica will be getting baptized and I am really excited for that.

Two days ago one of our investigators was singing and she invited us to go watch so we stopped by. It was actually a nice event and she was really really good. She is putting out an album in a few months. She is a pretty busy person though so hopefully we can find some more time to meet with her soon.

This morning we played basketball in our neighborhood as a district. We played 4v4 and my team wasn't doing so well at the beginning but we pulled out the win at the end with a 3 pointer, pretty sweet.

Well that is about it from me this week I think. I hope everyone has a great week!

- Elder Hymas
Me and Santa and his Friends
A snow box in a mall

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  1. I love the Santa picture. Such an interesting and colorful mix of cultures!