Monday, October 5, 2015

New DL in town

Hello everyone!
This week was great like usual. This is my last week in this area, I was only in this area for one month and now Elder Anderson and I are moving together to the other Tangerang ward in the other mission house and I am going to become the new district leader. I will rule with an iron fist... just kidding haha but I will sure do my best! The new house we are moving to is the nicest mission house in the mission so that is a plus.
I was sick a little this week but now I am feeling better, Elder Green was really sick the other day so I stayed home with him and watched over him. Elder Green is a really awesome missionary and we talked a lot.
We also went to Bogor again for another Zone Meeting there. It was a good meeting and we learned about giving and following up on commitments. Most people will not act or don't know how unless we help them by giving commitments.
Last Thursday I went on splits with Elder Pujianto who is the DL right now and is going home tomorrow. He is a great elder and doesn't seem too sad about going home in a few days haha.
The elders who are replacing us in Tangerang 2 are Elder Chou (who is in Tangerang 1 right now) and a new elder. The new elder is Dede from Magelang who just left on his mission. I knew him in Magelang and he is super cool.
We get to watch conference next Saturday and Sunday so I am excited for that. How was conference? What was your favorite talk?
Well I don't have much more time today to email. I hope everyone has a great week!
- Penatua Hymas
A huge burger!

Elder Green in a packed train

Our Tangerang 2 house

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