Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 63 on Mish, PLD

Hello all.

This week has been a pretty good one. We did some proselyting in the malls and teaching people and going to meetings in Jakarta. The malls are actually pretty okay for proselyting. What we do is we sit on the bench in front of a grocery store in the mall. I am on one side and Elder Anderson is on the other. People will go up and sit next to us and we just start talking to them, and sometimes they will start first and talk with us. We gave out some copies of the Kitab Mormon this way and meet some cool people.

We meet this one guy who lives and owns a hotel in Kalimantan and he told us if we ever go there we can stay in his hotel for free haha. I also met and taught a preacher from another church. He was actually a good guy and just wanted to know about Mormons and I corrected some of the lies he has heard. I got his number and will try to meet with him again later this week.

We also talked with the man from Sri Lanka again named Sathees. He was able to get the Book of Mormon in his own language so that was awesome. He opened up to us about his hard life. Well I guess in Sri Lanka there are lots of problems and fighting and it is dangerous. The gangs or the resistance asked Sathees a few times to join them but he wants to be a good person so he refuses. So now they just tell Sathees that if he doesn't want to join them they will just take him and force him, this makes him pretty scared. One day he was riding his motor bike and 2 guys pulled him off and with a gun to his head stole his motorbike. Then a few days later or something that motorbike was used as a bomb to blow up a government building. So now our friend Sathees has a lot of police at his house and they think that bomb was from him, he is telling them he is innocent but they don't believe him. Sathees is then sent to prison and is tortured for some time. After a while he ends up able to leave Sri lanka and go to Malaysia. But he is not about to get a job because they are afraid he is a terrorist and he is scared they will send him back to Sri Lanka. So he moves to Indonesia on boat. But the boat breaks down at sea and he is stuck on the boat in a small room with a lot of people in it for about 6 months. He finally gets to Indonesia but is still unable to get a job and is pretty depressed and lost. He applied to move to Australia but got denied. Then he applied to move to American and have the interview and all and had to wait 3 years and just a few months ago he found out he got denied again. His life is just really sad and unfortunate and full of trials and sorrow. Sathees himself is so genuine and kind it just breaks my heart to see tears running down his face as he tells us about his hard life. He wants nothing more than to just find peace and belong, but he is close to giving up because he has tried and it has been taken from him so many times. He expressed to us that he wants to become a Mormon and is willing to do what it takes because he has felt that peace he has been searching for so badly at the church. Please pray for my dear friend Sathees as he tries to find peace in this world.

We also taught a person named Pak Pri, we have meet with him a few times and he seems pretty interested. We made a goal with for a baptismal date in a few weeks so we will keep working with him.

This week was also had PLD which is the zone meeting with the President. It was awesome like usual and President Donald taught us a lot of stuff. He told us becoming perfect takes some time. We must survey large fields but cultivate small ones. Which means we see the whole picture but work at a little at a time.

Well today we are going bowling again for P-day and I am going to destroy the other elders like usual. I hope everyone has a great week!

Salam kasih,
Elder Hymas
All of my MTC group was at this zone meeting except elder Lieske 

Me and Elder Zollinger meet again at PLD

I founds some wonderful brats and they are delicious. They only cost Rp 107,000 

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