Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Going to the mall

This week has been good. I became the new District Leader here a week ago and we are all doing great, I am a born leader. Well we watched conference yesterday and it was amazing like usual. I really liked the talk about the surfers and the barriers in the ocean. At first they were mad at the barriers but once they realized that those barriers are the only thing from keeping them from getting devoured they started to change their minds about them. Very good message I think. And I also liked the talk about covenant keeping women haha.

So we meet with Pak T's family earlier this week and they are doing awesome. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they loved it and had great questions. Pak T told us that he already believed in the Book of Mormon and knows that it is the word of God and it is true. We made a baptismal goal for the 1st of November with them.

I have another cool story about a guy named Sathees. He is a refuge from Sri Lanka and he moved to Indonesia a few years ago and lives here alone. He doesn't really know Indonesian and he is still learning English. It is really hard for him to get a job here too he says. Anyway he wasn't having the easiest time here and got a bit depressed, I think he must have searched about how to be happier and find peace on the Internet or something. But he saw that the Mormon Church is a place where you can get peace and that the Mormons are always happy so he founds our number online I think and started texting us. Well we meet him yesterday and he came to church with us and watched conference with us. He was super happy to meet us and wants to meet again and learn about Jesus Christ because he doesn't know anything because he is Hindu. He lives in the other Elder's area so we will give him to them this week and get him started on the path to peace. A cool miracle this week.

We also spent a lot of time proselyting in malls in our area. Our new area is just a big city and expensive housing complexes that we are not allowed in. So pretty much the only place to proselyte is public places like the mall. The malls are really big and nice and there are a bunch here haha.
Okay well that is about if for this week, take care.

- Elder Hymas

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