Monday, September 28, 2015

Selamat Tinggal Andre

So this week was pretty good, well expect for yesterday, but I will talk about that in a sec. This week Elder Anderson and I worked hard like usual. We proselyted lots and tired to find some new investigators. We found a few people and we are going to follow up on them this coming week.

This last Wednesday was the Muslim Sacrifice Day. So there were public sacrifices all over the place and we watched one and it was pretty gross and bloody. They will tie the cow down and then slice its neck and drain all the blood. I got a video of it so if you want to see it you can ask to see the video when I get back home haha.

We also had a party at the new home of one of the members in our ward that day and we blessed the house. Then the next day we helped them move in all their stuff into their new house. We have done lots of service lately.

So yesterday my old companion from Magelang called me and told me that my old investigator and newly baptized member named Andre passed away yesterday. I was pretty sad about that and a little shocked. He was only about 30 years old and he was an awesome person. About 2 weeks before I left Magelang he got sick and didn't really get much better until I left. Then I guess once I left he still didn't feel better and went to the hospital with a super high fever and what not. Then I got the word yesterday that he passed away. They tell me he died of Tuberculosis. Pretty sad news.

Okay so that is about it for this week. Hope everyone has a good week!

- Elder Hymas
Teletubbies in front of our house

The Tangerang District 

Some kids following us while proselyting

Me and Elder Green

Elder Anderson and I

Me and Elder Paskett
So the Mission President just called and told me that Elder Anderson and I are going to move areas together to the Tangerang 1 ward and I am going to become the new district leader here. So the moves are going to be next week. These were like last minute moves to haha. So that means that we get to teach those great investigators that we found and had to give to the Elder Tangerang 1 elders haha nice.

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