Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 2 In Tangerang

Hello all, wow this week flew by quite fast. We are starting to understand the roads and our area a lot better. It really isn't all that complex just everything is super far and that is what makes things hard. In Magelang we never had to plan for the time it takes to travel from place to place because everything was so close. But here we will spend most of our day on our bikes and it makes us nice and tired and sweaty haha. We have met with some of the Investigators here but not all of them, some of them are hard to meet with and live far away. We have also made some new investigators and hopefully all goes well with them. Elder Anderson was sick this past week, probably from riding bikes all day and the food and the new environment. Pretty much every missionary gets sick the first few weeks in the field here in Indonesia. This ward isn't the biggest ward but it is bigger than the Magelang branch. The members here are awesome and help us out a lot. We have visited a few so far and are trying to visit more. Yesterday we went to a member's house for dinner and to share a message. He lives a good hour or more bike ride away. So the road on the way there is really crowded with a lot of motorbikes and cars. And a motorbike hit Elder Anderson's bike and broke his bike. Elder Anderson is okay but the bike is busted and we are going to try to fix it today. The guy riding the motorbike just rode off and didn't say anything. So we walked to bikes to the nearest Indomaret and called Brother Looky, the member we were going to visit. Luckly he has a big white van he calls the BMW (Big Mormon Wagon) and he picked us up and was able to take our bikes with us too. So anyway that was fun and now we gotta figure out how to fix his bike, hopefully we don't have to buy a new one cause that is expensive.
We keep truckin' along and spreading the gospel while we are doing it.
Oh yeah we also had to go to the mission office again in Jakarta earlier this week because Elder Anderson and his group from his MTC had to get their kitas.
Okay have a great week everyone,
Me and Elder Anderson

The Elders in my house
Elder Hymas

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