Monday, August 31, 2015

Chapter 3 Tangerang


 Tangerang is great! It is really really big and riding bikes all around and getting lost is tiring haha. Training is a blast! Elder Anderson is awesome and is a great elder. He is from St. George Utah and went on his mission right out of high school. His Indonesian is really good for how new he is. I am trying my best to be a good example to him and help him out the best I can. It is hard training and whitewashing a huge area at the same time but we are figuring it out. Oh and our monthly allowance is having problems so we don't have any money for this month yet haha so that is nice. Out church is in a building that is for stores and stuff. so they just bought a couple of the lots in that building and made a church out of it. It is actually pretty big inside and looks like an actually church... in the inside. But on the outside it just looks like stores or something. And we can't have out church sign out in the front so there are just the letters O S Z A (orang-orang suci zaman akhir) which is the Indonesian version of LDS. 

It takes a good 40 minutes or more to ride our bikes to the church from our house haha and Tangerang is really really hot. Yesterday we wanted to go to a member's house after church. He lives pretty far from the church, it took about 2 hours to ride our bikes from the church to his house I think haha we were pretty tired after that, but the member was awesome! He told me that when I shared our message he saw and heard our mission president, President Donald when I spoke haha that was quite the complement. 

Oh yeah and there is a McDonald's right next to the church so we ate there after English class last Saturday.

We haven't been able to meet with any of the investigators here yet, I have contacted a few and tried to meet up but it just hasn't happened yet. Getting from one place to another here takes a long time too on bikes haha. But according to the area book the investigators we have a pretty new and have potential so we will meet them this week. 

Today for P-day we just went to a mall and ate frostys and Wendy's and I bought a new pen. Pretty fun stuff. We have an appointment at a member's house later tonight for family home evening together, their daughter just got back from her mission in the Philippines yesterday, pretty cool. 

We spent a lot of time lost these past few days here so I would often ask people on the side of the road for directions and then tell them about us and the gospel and our English class. Most of the people were just interested in the English class but they were all really really nice to us and helped us out. 

Well that's about it for this week, 

- Elder Hymas

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