Monday, August 3, 2015

Pertemuan Latihan Daerah (Zone Training Meeting)

Hai selamat siang semunya, gimana kabarnya? Sehat kan?
Well this week has been a pretty good one and it went by really fast too. The weather is great in Magelang, not to hot and pretty chilly sometimes which is really nice and rare in Indonesia haha. We had a zone meeting or a PLD with the mission president and the APs. This meeting happens every 3 months and I always love em.
The meeting is 2 days in Solo, it takes a bunch of time out of the week so we didn't get to visit as many investigators as we usually do.
Well I met with President Donald and he tells me that I am going to be in Magelang for another month and then I will move cities and train. He said I will move around the 27th of August but he didn't tell me where I am going to move too because it is still a month away and it isn't set in stone. That will mean I will be in Magelang for 7 months when I leave haha that is a lot time in one small area, but I loved it here in Magelang and I am happy to serve here. I will be one year on my mission in 10 more days and I will only have been in 2 areas haha, I don't know if that is common or not?
One of our investigators with a baptismal date moved to Tangerang for work so we are no longer teaching him, that was too bad but I think I will be good for him too. We are still working with some other good investigators and I see some big progression in the near future.
So I don't know what's happening, maybe it is all the bike riding but since I have been on my mission I have lost 35 pounds. Haha maybe I will lose another 35 before I go home!
So I hear my family is taking a trip to Mount Rushmore soon, I expect that they will take many trips and eat are more expensive restaurants now that me and Sabrina are out of the house haha.
Well have a great week,
Love Elder Hymas
Elder Hymas and Sister Herman

My companions and I

President Donald and I

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