Monday, July 27, 2015

The Week That Flew By

Well this week has been packed full of teaching people lessons, playing a little bit of basketball and riding around on our bikes. We made some baptismal commitments with a few investigators so we will continue working with them and help them with their progression.
We had one of our bikes break on us the other day. The petal just snapped off haha. So we used one of our spare bikes but then that one broke too. So then we used another one of our spare bikes but it isn't very good and it is old so I don't know how long that one will last. So we will have some bike repairs to do this week.
Yesterday  we had a fireside at the mission couple's house about the history of the church in Indonesia. It was pretty interesting and it was cool to see the growth of the church, even in a country like Indonesia where it is definitely slow growing.
So honestly this week just flew by, when you are busy working all day everyday the days disappear on you.
I heard that Brandon and Emily are getting sealed in the Denver Temple this Tuesday! That is awesome and I wish them the best! Congratulations!

Have a great week!
- Elder Hymas

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  1. You know the missionary is working hard when he says the weeks fly by! Good on ya', Elder!!!