Monday, July 6, 2015

Climbing up Volcanoes and a Blessing

This week was a good one and a super fast one! I have had a few good spiritual experiences this week. A few days ago on Thursday was Brother Hendrink's birthday. Hendrik is a new member that I baptized a few months ago. He is doing awesome and his faith in the gospel is so strong. This gospel has blessed his life so much it is wonderful to see. I know this gospel can bless everyone's lives individually. My testimony in that has grown even more since my mission. Well for Hendrik's birthday he asked me if I would give him a priesthood blessing for comfort and guidance for this next year. So of course I did. I was a little nervous at first but as I have him the blessing it went so smooth and I didn't feel nervous at all. The Spirit was so strong as I gave him the blessing and Hendrik really appreciated it.

Yesterday was also fast and testimony day, so I decided to share my testimony during sacrament meeting. I shared it about my testimony in the Book of Mormon and how it is the word of God and another testament of Jesus Christ. I always feel the Spirit so strong when I bear my testimony.

Today for P-day we climbed up an active volcano. No big deal yeah? haha it was pretty big and we didn't climb up all the way because it is a good 4-5 hour hike straight up, super steep and just dirt haha. We are not allowed on the summit either right now because someone died up there recently I guess. That volcano also erupted about 4 years ago and the cities close to it had to evacuate. There is still smoke coming out of the top. Well anyway we got super dirty and a little bloody, Elder Zollinger fell and had to get stitches in his hand haha. So all in all it was a good time.

So there are some transferred going on next week. I found out though that I am staying in Magelang until August and then I will move to a different city and train a new missionary! My new companion until then is going to be Elder Tufuga, a big Samoan guy from Hawaii haha. I already know him and he is a cool guy.

Me after the hike and at the national park sign

The volcano, smoke going out of the top

we also made it in the newspaper for doing a service project. pretty cool huh

Well have a great week everyone!
- Elder Hymas

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