Monday, June 29, 2015

Late P-Day

Sorry today is going to be a pretty short email because we went on a zone trip today for P-day to see a couple waterfalls in Solo and we like just got back into Magelang, and it is 9:20 pm right now so I really need to get myself home haha. This week was a pretty good one, we got some new investigators and we have been helping lots of new members too. I was sick again yesterday with a fever and aches. I didn't feel all that great today but I still went on the zone trip so hopefully I don't get any sicker. Yesterday we had a branch conference at church and about 60 people came to church that day. that is quite a lot more than the 25 that were coming before I got here. They tells us that if we can get 40 people coming consistently they will get a new building and turn this branch into a ward next year. I won't be here for that but it sure feels good to have helped!
Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you have a great day!
Okay I gotta go, I am super tired!
Have a great week!

- Elder Hymas

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