Monday, June 8, 2015

Stake Conf in Solo and snakes

Selamat Pagi! Do you think you guys could send me some golden scoop and some chipotle?? haha that probably wouldn't work out very well. It is weird to think that life is still just going on at home without me there. You are kinda in your own little world when you are on a mission. Away from all the distractions of the world and news and media and all that. It helps you focus on the mission, and time sure does fly by.

A good spiritual experience of mine this week is on the power of fasting. Earlier this week we fasted as a district so that we could find the people that God prepared for us to teach, that our current investigators could receive answers to their prayers and gain a testimony, and that the Magelang Branch can soon become a Ward. So we fasted an we immediately started having success. We got 5 new investigators and 2 of which are golden. It just added on my testimony about fasting. I know that the Lord really wants to help missionaries succeed.

Yesterday was the Jawa Tengah stake conference in Solo. So we woke up real early in the morning and rode a bus to Solo with the members and investigators of the Magelang Branch. Conference was great and the theme was centered on keeping the Sabbath day holy.

Oh yeah I also saw a cool snake show at the park a few days ago. It is just some native guys that own a python, an iguana, some deadly cobras including a king cobra, and some other snakes. They lay out a mat and start playing around with their cobras giving them kisses and dancing around with them. It was pretty dang cool. I will send some pictures of the event. Well that's about it for this week. I love you all and miss you! Have a great week!

- Elder Hymas

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  1. Prayer, fasting, obedience, and lots of hard work = success and inner peace. A really great formula for a missionary!