Monday, June 15, 2015

ZTM in Semarang and already 10 months on my mission!

Hello all,
This week nothing too much out of the ordinary happened. Just the same old teaching the gospel to people that need to hear it. There is a large amount of people in the world that just don't want to hear the gospel. It makes me sad. What makes me more sad is all the lies and junk on the internet about Mormons. It is ridiculous and it corrupts and destroys people's view of the church. I don't understand why so many people will go so out of the way to spread dirty lies about the church. It also doesn't help that the preachers of the other churches are telling everybody not to listen to the white people who call themselves "Elder". The Devil is really working hard to hinder the Lord's work here. But the cool thing is that I know who is going to win in the end.

Okay so last Wednesday we had a zone meeting in a really hot city named Semarang. It was a good meeting and there is a McDonalds there so that was the only obvious choice of where to eat lunch. Yesterday at church there was 42 people who came. That is a lot haha, I hope it only grows. It would be awesome if Indonesia had a temple of it's own. Only a very little amount of members in Indonesia have been to the temple because it is far away and expensive. Maybe if we took one of the 15 temples in Utah and moved it over here that would be nice haha.
Oh yeah I have already been on my mission for 10 months! That seems like a long time, but it flew by pretty fast. 14 more months to go, I hope I will make the most of it!

I hope everyone has a great week! Today for P-day we are going to watch the new Meet the Mormons movie with the mission couple.

- Elder Hymas

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  1. Lots of the junk on the internet (and pamphlets, etc) are spearheaded by people who, for one reason or another, have left the Church and are very bitter. I've heard it said that people can leave the Church, but they can't leave it alone. True!