Monday, September 14, 2015

Lazer Tag Master, Keluarga Tumpak, and the Roach Slayer

Hello all,
My week was really good, besides the fact that it is still super hot here and we bike like 40 miles a day, but that is just the sacrifice I am willing to make for this wonderful service.

Last week for P-day we played Laser Tag at one of the malls here with the 8 elders in my district. We played 3 games and it was pretty fun actually. We were still dressed up in our white shirts and ties so we looked like the Men In Black with our space vest and space gun. So out of those 3 games we totaled up the player with the most points and the highest hit/miss percentage. Anyway needless to say Elder Hymas was number 1 in both categories. All my training at Laser Storm is paying off.

So last week Elder Anderson and I met a nice guy at a convenience store. His name is Pak Tumpak and he was really interested in us and when I told him about the Kitab Mormon and offered to give one to him he received it with a smile on his face. We then went to his house last Wednesday and had a very wonderful lesson with him, his wife, and his 5 year old son Wisdom. We taught them the message of the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon. The Spirit was really strong and his family was very happy to hear our message and it all went very well. I invited them to go to church will us on Sunday and he said he would try. Well yesterday he was there at church with us and I believe he had a great time. He is a pretty golden investigator. Okay but here is the somewhat sad news. He doesn't live in our area. He lives very close but not quite in our area. He actually lives in the other wards area, so I told the other elders who are in charge of that area about him and will probably hand Pak Tumpak off to them this week. I would have liked to help teach him but it doesn't really matter who does it, as long as he gets it haha. But that was a cool miracle this week.

Today for P-day we are going to go bowling with the elders in our district. It has been a long time since I have been bowling so I am not expecting to be number 1 this time but we will see.

Training is going well. Elder Anderson is a great elder who has his heart in the right place. He still doesn't quite have the language down yet but that does take time. He has made a lot of progress though.

Oh and this morning some guy gassed out the gutters in front of our house and caused many many cockroaches to escape into the safety of our house, oh how wrong were they. With some Hit spray in one hand and his shoes on his feet, Elder Green took the challenge these roaches presented and came out on top. Those roaches were running around our house in the dozens, it was madness. In the end we prevailed and the number of cockroaches that Elder Green exterminated was 63. Quite a memorable morning this was.

Okay have an awesome week!
- Elder Hymas
Us and the orphans

Elder Green the Roach Slayer

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