Monday, November 3, 2014

Cobra blood tastes different

Things are going pretty well here in Indonesia. It is really hot, but that never changes haha. The work is going along. It is hard sometimes because our investigators hardly ever keep the commitments we make and don't read their homework. A new potential investigator we found last week is kinda interesting. We visited her again this week and did more of the first lesson. Then we asked her if she would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by the proper priesthood authority. Then she said sudah, which means she already has been baptized. She is Catholic and believes that her church has the proper priesthood authority to baptize. Se we went over how we believe that we are the only church to have the power restored and the priesthood was lost when the apostles died. And she seemed to take it in and agree. Then we asked her again if she will be baptized and she still said she has already been baptized by the right priesthood. It was kinda frustrating so we just asked if she would read the Book of Mormon and pray if it was right. Hopefully she will.

For Halloween we had a district meeting so we changed name tags for that meeting, that was our costumes for the day.

Last Tuesday we had a pretty unusual food. We drank Cobra blood with bone marrow and a gall bladder in it. It tasted pretty different. We also ate the Cobra in a variety of ways. It was good, it tasted like chewy snake.

The transfers are happening on Thursday, My companion is going to Jakarta and my new companion I think is an Indonesian. I forget his name though. It should be cool though, hopefully my language gets a lot better with a native companion.

Have a great week!

-Elder Hymas
Me drinking the blood of a deadly cobra, no big deal

I found a statue of Luke here, weird 

The sister's investigator that got baptized yesterday

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