Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 2 in Indonesia

I flew out to my first zone last Wednesday. I am in Solo, in the Jebres ward. It is a little bit cooler here I think, still really hot! My companion is Elder Mangum, he is a really nice guy and a great missionary. We are in the same house with Elder King and Elder Hayes. They are all really cool elders. I'm going to have a good time here I bet.

It is still pretty hard right now understanding what people are saying in Indonesia, especially the natives, but I'm trying. We ride our bikes everywhere, so that, plus the heat, makes life a bit difficult. I should used to it. My bike is a piece of junk too. It has broken twice so far and we had to get it repaired each time. It only costs about a dollar to fix it so whatever.

This Weekend was sacrifice days for the Muslims. They pretty much sacrifice tons of cows and goats in the public. The missionaries are friends with a Muslim named Jon, they invited us to watch them sacrifice a cow and a few goats. It was pretty gnarly. I got it on video and took lots of pictures. We ate some of the sacrificed goats and cows at Pak Jons house yesterday. I ate the intestines and guts and whatever else was there. It was pretty good.

I killed my first rat last night. I saw it run past me when we got in the house and we hunted it down for a bit. We were all armed with brooms and mops, I had the trap. Once we found it I got it in the trap, but while we were busy being victorious he escaped the trap and we lost him again. So the hunt continued! we found him in my and elder Mangum's office. Elder Mangum smashed it with a pan a few times and it died. We disposed of it in the street in front of our house.

We went to some waterfalls today, it was super fun. We saw some monkeys. One of the Elders touched it and it almost attacked him, it was super scary and super funny haha.

- Elder Hymas

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