Monday, September 29, 2014

First Week in Indonesia!

The plane rides where long! The planes were nice though. I had to resist the temptation of watching moveis and listening to music on the cool touch screens they had. But I endured! We landed in Indonesia and wow! It is sangat panas sekali! (very very hot!) Seriously, it is like non stop sweating until we go somewhere with A/C. I have never before truely appriciated how amazing air conditioning is. Uncle Ken does some good work!

The first night I was super tired so I went to bed at like 6:30. My first area will be in Solo Jebres, and my first real companion will be Elder Mangum. Solo is about an hour plane ride away from Jakarta. We are waiting to go to imigration to get my ketas, which is like our temporary ID here. So I am staying with the APs in their house for the time being and I am temorary companions with one of the APs named Elder Simanungkalit. He is a native Indonesian and he is pretty awesome.

We have taught a few lessons since I've been here. The other elders do most of the teaching becuase I don't know the language that well yet. Most of the people here (and there are a lot) are very poor. Some of their houses are about the size of my parent's closet. It is very different and humbling. The people here are all so nice and accepting. They are also all very very short and small and brown. Unlike me. I stick out here quite a lot haha.

Jakarta is really really big! There is a lot of pollution in the air, becuase of the millions of cars and even more motorcyles here. The traffic is downright crazy, everybody is weaving in and out and it takes foever to get places. We mostly use the buses and angkots. But in Solo I will be biking everywhere, so I will probably die.

The food is really good here, we mostly eat at the carts on the side of the streets. Lots of rice! Although we did eat at Burger King this afternoon, not really embracing the culture but whatever haha.

I'm doing good, still trying to learn the language and all. Indoneisa is very different from America, that's for sure.

Elder Hymas
My Breakfast

This is an Angkot. Like a minibus

One of my first lessons with Deara

Elder Simanungkalit and Myself

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