Thursday, September 18, 2014

Last P-day at the MTC!

This week has been a bit harder than the others. My throat has been sore for like a week and a half and it is super annoying. I keep coughing all night. So I have an appointment with a doctor later on today for a check up, to make sure I don't have strep throat or anything. We are all pretty anxious to leave the MTC and go out into the field. Sounds like things are going pretty good at home, that's good. So the last devotional on Tuesday was a pretty cool one! It was the last devotional I would be at here so I was hoping for an apostle or something. I was rather satisfied to see that Richard G. Scott of the twelve came to speak to us. I was in the 2nd row so I was was pretty dang close to him, like 14 feet away! He is getting pretty old haha. He spoke to us about the power and importance of prayer. it was a very good talk and I am trying to say more heartfelt prayers now. A quote that he shared that I liked was about goals. He said, "To reach a goal never before attained, you must do something never before done." That's a pretty cool quote, and straight out of the mouth of an apostle so it must be important.
Oh yeah and none of our visas came in for Indonesia yet so we should be getting a temporary reassignment to somewhere in the US for a bit. We should get that call later today or tomorrow. I was a bit disappointed when we first found this out (which was last Friday), but I remembered that it is not about where we go on our mission, it is about what we share, and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. So I'm excited to go out and share this message where ever. And hopefully I'll be in Indonesia soon. My teacher said that this hasn't happened for the Indonesian missionaries in like 8 years. He called the travel office and told us that we should be getting them in about 6 more weeks. Hopefully I don't forget much of the bahasa (language) I better keep practicing.
If I find out later today where I'm going for my temporary reassignment I'll try and tell ya. If I find out tomorrow or something, I can call you at the airport right before I hop on the plane and tell you haha.
Have a good week!

Elder Hymas

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